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USPS solution for marketers – EDDM Printing

Direct Mail EDDM

In this age of online marketing, traditional and offline marketing must be left out to the marketing mix. One way to use the direct mail is with the EDDM. The direct mail EDDM are very inexpensive and the easiest way for marketing offline. You don’t have to stick to your own local area.

When you use these EDDM, you should not have to worry about writing lengthy three-page sales letter with bold letters and give it for point. The stamps of the postage are also very cheap. When you put together the direct mailing lists, you have to figure out the EDDM.

Standard Size of the Postcard 

There are two sizes which you can use for your EDDM. These are 4″ x 6″ or 4.25″ x 5.5″ which is the size of the standard postcard. In fact, when your printer handles a 4″ x 6″ index card, you can pick up a pack of index EDDM and can print your message on them.

Get Your EDDM Printed 


When your company doesn’t provide you with the postcard mailers, you can add your ID number and can find business card printing services locally or online which also print EDDM. You can check your local printers and get the same rates.

United States Postal Service 

USPS has a direct mail service where you can create, mail and print the EDDM without leaving home. There is a minor drawback of this service. You have to wait nearly a week for them to be shipped before you can mail to your mailing list. But, if you really don’t mind to wait, then it can be the best option for you.

Do It on Your Own

When you have an extra time, you can design and print your EDDM. If you are handy with the software programs, such as Microsoft Publisher or other desktop publishing program, you have to pick a pack of postcard appears and design and print on your own.

The postcard stamps are much cheaper than letters or EDDM. Today, the standard postage for a letter is $0.48. For these two postcard sizes, postage is $0.35 each, a savings of $0.15 each that adds when you are doing a mass mailing.

How to Create Customized Invitation EDDM?

If you are thinking of how to design invitations for your office party, trade show, wedding, or any other event, you should make them stand out in order to get noticed. Anyone can pick up a packet of invitations. But, it takes creative effort and thought in order to create custom printed invitations with style.


While designing invitations, you should consider the fonts which you want to use. You can also use two different fonts on your invitations, a script and a block. You should work with the quality print company in order to select the best fonts for your invitations. You have to use stylish fonts as well as readable.


When you are creating custom printed invitations for your birthday party, you need to go for the perfect theme. For instance, if it’s an underwater theme, you have to choose a fish shaped invitation instead of the square one. You have to create an ocean scene at the front of the card and can add a personalized message inside it.


You have to make your invitation memorable by including a beautiful photograph. Perhaps, you have to take a picture of your dog wearing a Santa hat and can also use that as the main picture. When you are planning a birthday party, you need to put white and black photograph of the birthday girl.


The fun and the stylish idea for creating custom printed invitations or for the bridal shower is that you can use monograms on them. These are some styles of monograms and you will have to design it or also can be have it designed for you. The monogram should be black but you can never play with the patterns on the rest of the invitation. Some of the cute patterns are using polka dots mixed with a damask pattern or stripes.